Accident on the Monrovia-Kakata highway leaves several dead (watch video)

On Sunday, August 26, 2018, a blue sedan and a black pickup collided head on in a tragic motor accident on the Monrovia-Kakata highway, leaving several dead and many others critically injured. The name of one of those feared dead is Melvin Trokon Page. Click the link below to watch the full video:


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2 thoughts on “Accident on the Monrovia-Kakata highway leaves several dead (watch video)

  1. The issue of accidents occurring on that highway is one of serious concerns. That road has too many curves and most of the drivers plying that route drives with little or concern for themselves and the safety of their passengers. I am one person who frequents that road since I am based in Lofa with frequent travels to Monrovia. I personally witnessed similar accident when the driver of an unregistered vehicle left his lane due to the fact that he was on his phone and went to the opposite lane, his car was hit by a vehicle coming from the opposite lane. Government really needs to do something about that route.

  2. No they need to do something about those who text and drive. also those drivers who speed without caring that they have peole in tbeur cars

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