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Lovers of Entertainment
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

Everyone has reasons, justifications and rationale to explain why the Musicians Union of Liberia is failing, yet the President ,Sammy and his corps of Officers do not take the steps to problem solve, change direction, learn, educate or empower themselves with the knowledge and the tools to change the path.

Egos are a sensitive thing and MULIB leadership, as well as other Stakeholders , are very sensitive. Add stubbornness and delusions of grandeur to ego and you get a failure trifecta as in the case of your leadership.

Mr. President, The Liberian music industry has changed. It is not what it was five years ago and, hell, it is vastly different than what it was even two years ago. It’s the leadership responsibility to learn the industry and the changes that are currently happening. Then formulate a clear understanding of what has to happen in order to ensure success.

You must have problem solving skills. You must have the tools and patience to do the drudge work. You must watch for mistakes and missteps just as you watch for opportunities and new avenues. It is crucial to make corrections to keep yourself on the path to success.

Now this is the time to work even harder and not get cocky. This is how you capitalize on successes.

This is how you differentiate yourself from the thousands of other past leaders that think they have done so much to improve the Entertainment industry.

Over a year now, this leadership has failed the industry massively with no legacy to show.

MR. President, you boost of your personal relationship with the president of Liberia but that was just “Levo” but you have failed to use those international connections you once talked about to improve the sector.

Get out of the excuses and get into going after what you want and figuring out how you are going to get it.

It is all about productively and effectively building the promotion, marketing and branding in your solicitation to be recognized by your own people in the industry.

Most importantly there is a need for a change of orientation of mindset towards the culture industries in terms of getting the attention it deserves.

Here it is imperative for the government to have a change in term‭s ‬of policy and ‭ ‬investment in ‭ ‬the music ‭ ‬sector as it ‭ ‬is ‘apparent that no ‭ ‬industry can ‭ ‬survive without government sponsorship.
In this dispensation that the government is harnessing its potentials towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) ‭ ‬geared towards ‭ ‬a ‭ ‬sustainable ‭ ‬economy, there ‭ ‬is a need to think ‭ ‬in‭-‬wards and have ‭ ‬a ‭ ‬re‭-‬think ‭ ‬about ‭ ‬the Music Industry

But it goes WELL BEYOND THE Title ,You have to be the whole package and worth the investment. Think about it: the Government receive thousands of packages. They need to be impressed enough by the package itself in order to open it up and listen. They see you before they hear you. Keep that in mind.

In Liberia, the music industry is a hustle. Whether you agree or not, the people who are currently running the music industry have over the years promote a culture of hustling instead of business building.

As a matter of fact, since the current industry players have degraded the music industry’s worth, they don’t care to pursue copyright infringement cases or collect royalties from electronic media, clubs or hotels who play their work, or even to make the effort to license them.

85% of the so called record labels and Entertainment companies in Liberia are Friendship Groups instead of Label. MULIB has to issue licence to record labels ,Musicians and major actors in the industry so as to set a standard for change.

Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, the industry is highly marked by fakeness, lies, Gossips, disrespect and hates. The dishonesty in the industry perhaps has caused God to cursed the entire industry. The industry needs Fast and Prayer.

Too many good people have left the industry as a result of these attributes that continues to undermine the growth and development of the sector.

The remaining few real people in the industry are doing so much more but the So-called Facebook Bloggers don’t pay attention to them . They only run with negativity to give their various platforms relevance at the detriment of other people. Who is the highest paid artist, how many artists have a record deal this year, who is the most trending artist this year? Today media can’t answer those questions because they are all positive.

The entire industry is boring because our promoters and Bloggers are unable to write those critical stories. Subject Verb Agreement of most blogs is poor , don’t know how to construct a paragraph and structure a sentence.

On the other hand, our Promoters and Bloggers too need to get a clear understanding about the industry. Several blogs are doing incredible good jobs but a few still need to improve.

Several single ladies who have been dumped by Entertainers are now becoming bloggers to vent their angers on our pro poor artists. They are not coming into to the Industry with good faith but rather here to ruin the reputation of those male Entertainers.

Look around you, do a research on blogs that post negative stories about Male Entertainers, you will soon realise that those blogs are control by one frustrated single lady.

No disrespect to single mother but bringing personal sentiments in this already dying industry is totally wrong.

Award Institutions are doing well but there still exist major challenges ranging from the nomination process to the selection of winners. Due to personal sentiments, many entertainers who don’t merit are the ones wining most awards. To the extend even those who deserve those awards are not respected.
Is our awards institutions adding value to the award itself? Certainly not. Many Liberian Music Awards have lost the value of it existence just as most artists have lost their own values.

There is no difference between our A list Artists and the upcoming artists. Both are still chasing free promotions and have refused to create marketing strategies to sell their brands.
Sadly, our upcoming artists are not nurture by those top artists becuz of selfishness and grief. Young talents have been abandoned becuz the industry only accept you after a hit or play song.
85 to 90% of our artists are doing music just for the fames . That’s why after one hit song, you hear them no more. They need to rethink their positions and institute the marketing aspect of their careers.

Thousands of fans over the years have not been doing justice to the Industry. If only our fans can stop breaking our gates and doors to enter freely at events, our artists will generate a little amount to sustain themselves.
Our fans have to elevate to fans in the pockets .

The Leadership of the Musicians Union over the years have devalued the worth of the industry.
It is sad to say, but this is the truth. They have devalued the wealth of the industry by neglecting intellectual property rights or copyright over the years, which is the true wealth of every successful music industry in the world.

The leadership of MULIB is to work with the Collective Management Organisation,CMO under the Liberia Intellectual Property Office to ensure that our Lawmakers signed the “Blank Tape Levy”
This is a levy on blank recording media meant to compensate the rights holder for the private non-commercial copying of his works. (For example the government is aware of how many electronic devices that enter the country. When this is signed into law and a particular amount is allocated on all electronic devices , that money will help boost the entertainment sector becuz we can’t just stop privacy. Our artists need to start collecting royalties from the works.

Again the President of the Musicians Union of Liberia is settling, giving up and giving in on the failure of his leadership.

You can blame anyone, everyone and everything, but when it comes down to it, it’s about how you handle things. What will impress or turn off many in the industry is your reaction, your following action and the way you execute.

I am calling all well-meaning Entertainers that share similar views to join me as we establish a pressure group to bring this toothless leadership to book becuz gone are those days that we will sit and allow the Musicians Union to operate from a commercial vehicle or from one corner at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism.

The Act that created MULIB states that MULIB is an independent body and therefore the Union shouldn’t operate under the ministry.

To conclude , Just do it. Don’t expect it. Plan, learn, grow, create, problem solve and empower yourself as well as your dreams. And then execute. Take those steps or quit. It’s your choice. You either prepare to lead or get ready to leave.

Best Regards

IP Ambassador

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