Best Welleh Garlo brings out her celebrity lifestyle

Best Welleh Garlo wows her many followers when she went completely celebrity on them. Celebrating her pre-birthday, Best is seen wearing nothing but panty and bra, allowing her audience have a fill of her beautiful, sexy body – full breasts, with her helleva tats on her slender thigh. She treats herself to a sexy bath, with a tub full of red petals.

Now, that’s the life of a celebrity


                                                                          Best shows off her sexy body and badass tats

She later throws herself a one-man party with lots of drinks. Now, that’s the life of a real celebrity.

Best Welleh Garlo  is the host of one of the most watched facebook talk shows (The Best Garlo Show). She is also an entrepreneur. She trades in cream and other skin care products. She has just began to diversify her business into other lines such as fabrics sales and the sales of other goods such as handbags, belts, feet wear, sun glasses, and more. She also happens to be the recipient of the People’s Choice award at the African Girls Rock Awards.

Lay woman knows how to enjoy herself. Happy birthday, Best.

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