Big respect to you, Christoph – Lyee Bility

In the midst of the noise that’s going on right now in the industry about Christoph and Bucky Raw getting into the studio with Kizz Daniel to squash their beef, Lyee people are talking. Important people are talking too, like Lyee K. Bility, alias CEO Lyee B. Lyee is the boss of Bilikon Entertainment, of which the Bosschick man, CJay is a part.

When Kizz Daniel threw out the invitation, more like the challenge, asking both Christoph and Bucky to get in the studio with him, Christoph immediately shared the video that Kizz Daniel made, talking to both artists, and he is down for the makeup. However, what Bucky Raw shared was the link to his diss track he did for Christoph and Chilla Coolnane and said WOOMIANA, simply, nope!!! Lyee Bility could just not stay mute any longer. Being a very important player within the industry, he expressed his opinion on the matter. CEO Lyee B took to social media and posted:

Beef is one thing but playing smart is another.
Big respect to you Christoph.

It’s not about picking sides. It’s about what’s best for the industry. not your personal gain – CEO Lyee B

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2 thoughts on “Big respect to you, Christoph – Lyee Bility

  1. I never expected that from lyee k Bility
    Do you know how many times Bucky manager went to Christina to put an stop to the beef Christina refused?
    Who’s kiss Daniel that Bucky can’t say no to him?
    You guys are big,big people in the industry instill of you guys calling these two people and sittle the problem between them your not able,
    So, you guys telling me if anything happens in the industry yours not able to handle it between ourself
    We will to call foreigner?
    Demn meh, I’m so disappointed in you Lyee K Bility”

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