Big Solo justifies flogging of female student by small Solo

The proprietor of the Soltiamon school, Rev. Solomon Joah, Sr., has justified the flogging of the 16 hear old female student. He says that is a form of discipline for rude children. He went on to say that the student is always in the habit of breaking the laws of the school, that she is a rude student.
Speaking to the FPA, Mr. Joah Sr. said that this particular student did not have her access pass to leave the class. When asked, she said she went for a pad from her friend. She only had the pad to show, not access pass, and that is an act of breaking the law. He went on to say that Christians have been warned to not spare the rod and spoil the child.

Ok, here’s what happened:
The girl was caught out of class (she had made use of her free class time to go to her friend in the next class to ask for a pad). Solomon Joah asked her why she was out of class. She said she was sorry, but the reason is personal. He insisted. Well, it turned out the young miss needed sanitary pad to help with her monthly menses flow, but she never had any and she was embarrassed. She went to beg for some from another student. The whole process of getting it, wearing it and all that made her a little late. She explained that to him. He said the girl should show him the sanitary pad. She said she couldn’t. He then decided to beat her up. He gave her 65 lashes first. When he completed, finding out that the young lady did not cry, he got mad and said that was disrespectful of her. Why didn’t she cry. He then told her to lie down again, and he gave her additional 65 lashes!!!!!

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