BREAKING NEWS!!! Best Welleh Garlo sues Odell, threatens to sue blogs that will blog about she and Odell

The host of the Best Garlo Facebook talk show, Best Welleh Garlo, has sued Odell Munah Ocran, her estranged friend. Odell is a lesbian who came to prominence on facebook when she was featured on the Best Garlo talk show by the host. Shortly thereafter, they became best of friends. In fact, Odell was the very first online follower of the Best Garlo Show that Best visited in person. They did the show together, from inside Best’s bedroom, in such a very compromising position, from inside the bed.

Not long afterwards, Odell claimed she and Best were lovers, and she said clearly that Best is bisexual. This led to their relationship going south. The two were seen going back and forth in some nasty facebook beef that lasted for a long while. The entire thing subsided for close to half a year. It was only recently that Odell posted pictures of she and Best on her social media handler, claiming that she and Best have rekindled their love affairs as lesbians again.

This move has made the talk show host extremely angry and she has taken the lesbian Odell to court. Best didn’t stop there. She has threatened that she will not hesitate to sue any blog that will ever blog about she and Odell, especially blogs based in America.

ODELL is a high function client, all of you that believed her lies; read below. We’re in court, and nothing will stop me, nobody will tarnish my brand and go free!!! Nowadays, folks have to be thought a lesson, especially in our Liberian community. ANY BLOGGER THAT WILL EVER POST ME, WITH THIS HIGH FUNCTION CLIENT MESS ON THEIR BLOG WILL BE SUE AS WELL!!! ESPECIALLY BLOGGERS IN AMERICA. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

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