BREAKING NEWS!!! Canc’s ‘Facebook Lover’ song blocked on copyright grounds

The award winning Liberian Dancehall artist, Canc, is facing copyright issues. Her latest song in which she featured Speedo’o, Facebook Lover, has been blocked from her YouTube channel on grounds thst it has contents that belong to another person and the person has filed copyright charge or reported the song to YouTube and YouTube has blocked the song’s availability on Canc’s YouTube channel.

The song was uploaded on January 25, 2019, and it enjoyed 361 views before it got taken down. When you click on Canc Queen’s link to the Facebook Lover song, you get the below message:

The video contains content from Ngomma VAS, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Strangely, this very song is still up on other people’s YouTube channels, but it is blocked on the song owner’s YouTube channel. This is really interesting and baffling.

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