Breaking news!!!!! VIDEO: Deng caught begging a man to help clear his name from sexual violence saga!!!

A conversation is released in which Deng is heard begging the promoter from Norway, Mr. Winston Weeks, to please just make a statement on facebook clearing his name and he, Deng will share it and beg bloggers to share it. The problem came from when Gbalee, also known as Tess, said that she was inappropriately touched by Deng.

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Deng calls Mr. Weeks, secretly records the conversation, and Mr. Weeks is saying it’s not true. He said Tess actually begged he Mr. Weeks to allow her sleep with Deng, something Tess has denied. Now, Deng is begging the man to please to do that in a statement so that it an help clear his name.

However, that conversation between Deng and Mr. Weeks has been released. Listen below:

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