Bucky Raw donates to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison, South Beach {VIDEO}

Bucky Raw visits inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison, South Beach. He makes them to know that he understands their plight because he has had a similar experience. He also donated hygiene items. Speaking to the inmates, Bucky Raw said he that when he was in jail it hurt him. He said that going to jail is not credible because it tints your records. There are so many things he wanted to do with his music, but going to jail had him stuck. He explained that the stigma of being in jail affects one’s ability of being a brand ambassador.

Bucky Raw served his time in jail in the United States of America, and was later deported to Liberia. However, he has decided that that experience is not going to define him. He keeps pushing his music. He has worked tiredlessly on his album CS2, and that effort can be seen so glaring as his album makes #1 spot on iTunes, World Music category and #1 on Amazon. His album also made the International Billboard at spot #10 in World Music category.



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