Bucky Raw expresses how he actually feels about being deported

The Liberian hit maker, Bucky Raw, is a Trapco artist. He has been very instrumental in taking the Trapco music out there and making that genre of music known by those who had no idea what it was about. He had been based in the United States of America from his childhood. Many people know Bucky Raw mainly from his “Feesee Jeh Lek Yor” track.

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However, the artist was involved in a rather unfortunate situation when he was back in the United States. He hit on his woman and had other issues with drugs. He ended up behind bars in an orange jumpsuit, but that was not the end to the story. Bucky Raw was later deported to his home country, Liberia after serving his term in jail. Many thought it was due to domestic abuse, but that was not the case. It was actually due to drugs.

Since Bucky Raw returned, he has been doing exceedingly well with his music career, releasing hits after hits. However, now that 21 Savage is facing possible deportation, Bucky Raw has expressed how he understands exactly what 21 Savage is going through. He expressed in a post he did on his Instagram page that when a person gets deported, especially so when that person stayed in the United States throughout childhood and gets deported in their adulthood, is something that plays on the mind each day. He writes:

I feel everything he’s going through. What makes it crazy is people thing it’s a joke for a father to be separated from his kids. The jealousy even shows through out the jokes y’all making. FREE 21 SAVAGE FROM DEPORTATION PROCEEDINGS. I got deported as well, so I feel this brother’s pain right now. Coming to America as a minor and being deported back to a country as an adult really plays with your mind each day.

The Liberian Trapco Superstar is actually advocating for 21 Savage’s freedom:


Watch out for Muzikal’s “MY WOMAN”…dropping on Feb. 14, 2019
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