Bucky Raw leaves Liberia to seek ‘greener pasture’

Bucky Raw, one of Liberia’s best artists, moves out of Liberia. The Trapco artist made the announcement via his facebook page that the world is calling him and he has answered.

For direct booking for BuckyRaw please contact
Ragging Bull management at +2348054177777
” – Bucky Raw

This call is coming from Nigeria, the biggest economy of Africa right now:

“My supporters in and out of Liberia been really good to me. I appreciate every moment my supporters stood with me. I love you all !
Thanks to king George for the support as well. I’m taking another step in my career. I’m still that Bucky y’all love ❤️
Sometimes you gotta go away to make a comeback 🙏🏾
With that said I’ll be back one day.
The world 🌍 is calling me and I decided to pack up and leave.” – Bucky Raw

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