Bucky Raw throws shade at Christoph The Change…The beef is on…

Y’all can say whatever y’all wanna say, we smell a beef…sniff sniff…the scent of a beef between Bucky Raw and Christoph the Change is strong.

Ok, so Bucky Raw did a song called “Woomi” and Christoph won’t let the brother be great. He also comes out with a song called “Woomi”, only thing he adds “O” and says “Woomi O”. Ayyy mehn….lol

Since then they have been throwing shades at each other on social media.

Christoph has been saying that he is dope, he can rap, he can sing, he got the lyrics, he got it all.

Bucky just made Christoph to know that he can throw all the shots he wants, but that can’t shake him. Bucky said as for him, he ain’t got to tag bloggers for notice. Now, watch this, Christoph always tags bloggers or blog pages in his posts. Hmmmm….the beef is on and it’s getting heated.

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11 thoughts on “Bucky Raw throws shade at Christoph The Change…The beef is on…

  1. Y’all keep the city busy with that mofo beef yaa.. lets play low on politics lil bit and forcus on y’all.

    I don’t wanna hear anyone stopping em beef cuz it brings attention to the musical game😎😎

  2. This is absolutely bad mehn
    BuckyRaw, your songs have been great from the time you was in the State.
    Why is it that, when you and christop song carry the same title get you mad?
    I have simply bow Dow to Christoph mehn, let lib music keep playing mehn.

    I respect the both of you #CTC & #Bucky
    Lib all day..

  3. That’s LIB style making fuss without taking it to the street. Ya don’t worry bout these guys Christoph is trying to protect his dynastic but meeting stiff competition from Bucky Raw who look supreme.

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