Bucky Raw was finally able to tell Kizz Daniel “f**k you” to his face…says Christoph is b**t hurt

When Kizz Daniel came to Liberia, the first move he made was to call out both Christoph and Bucky Raw to a truce. In a bid to squash the ongoing beef between both artists, he challenged them to get in the studio with him and make some record.

As can be recorded, Bucky Raw and Christoph have been in a terrible beef over the past 7+ months now. It all started when Bucky Raw dropled his song titled WOOMI and shortly thereafter, Christoph dropped his song called WOOMI O. Boom!!! Trouble ‘fuh dan’…..both artists started to throw shades at each other. Their fans too joined the shade throwing and the problem about who stole who’s song started. Christoph claimed he had his song I the booth a long time ago and he shared the information with a few persons. He believed word went wide and Bucky got the gist, so he quickly ran ahead and did his song and used his title. Bucky Raw’s manager,

LIB King George, Bucky’s manager, quickly took to facebook live to clarify that Bucky had his song written almost 2 years ago, even before he got deported, but was just waiting for the right time to drop the song. It just so happens that Bucky got deported and he had to do the song here. There was nothing anybody could explain to calm both artists down , as they went on believing that the.otgwr had received a tip off and had done the song with the same title, or close…WOOMI and WOOMI O.

Christoph then added that line in his song, “I eat your charmo for swee swee”…as if that was not enough, the fact that both were fighting over the title of the song. That part got interpreted to mean that Christoph had slept with a girl that was meant for Bucky Raw. Rope started to haul bush, and a name came out!!! Flex took to facebook to explain that both Christoph and Bucky met back in Philly, the USA and it’s all about this girl called Delle…that Bucky had met the girl earlier in DC and he wanted the jue. She told him to transport her to Philly to Jolie Kabba’s cookout, which Bucky Raw did. Christoph came to town (Philly) just about that time. According to Flex, he teamed up with Christoph and they all hooked up with Bucky at the cookout. They were all cool until Delle started flirting with Christoph. She fell in whatever it was (love or what), and she went with Christoph instead of Bucky Raw. This led to a split between both camps. Accordingly, when Bucky got back home, his girl started quarrelling with him about cheating issues at the cookout and that she had heard stuff. An angry man, as he already was, Bucky hit on her. Neighbours got involved, called the police, and they went a whole nine yard…..and Bucky ended up in jail. Fast forward….other factors came into play, and Bucky got deported after serving some term in jail.

Chilla Coolnane later did a song and dissed Bucky Raw. Chilla basically took Bucky’s song, “Jeh lek your” and reworded the entire song, using Bucky Raw’s entire beat. He dissed Bucky, that Bucky got deported for one jue, that Bucky is a blind pekin….and so forth. Christoph then shared Chilla’s diss, This made Bucky Raw to believe that Christoph used Chilla Coolnane to diss him. Bucky Raw decided to hit back, but he went straight for Christoph and dropped two diss songs for Christoph and Chilla Coolnane. He called Christoph a gay and officially changed his name to “Christina” The beef got heated. Other artists got involved, but it took Christoph several months to reply, and when he finally did, it was a complete 7 mins diss track that brought the entire story out and hit on Bucky very hard, and so many other people. ..saying that he’s not gay, but dropped several lines that could be interpreted as he clarifying that he is bi-sexual, instead, and so forth… Up to now, Bucky has not responded.

Let’s bring it back to present day…..this is the kind of beef Kizz Daniel seeks to end just by entering in a studio and do a song. Christoph has consented, but Bucky Raw says WOOMIANA….first thing he did was to drop the link to his diss track for Christoph and Chilla earlier today. He then went off on Twitter:

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