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Let the indiscipline members chat muyan: CDC’s Lester Tenny reacts to Gray’s resignation

Dr. Lester Tenny, a staunch member and supporter of the Coalition for Democratic Change, has sharply reacted to the resignation of the Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, Rep. Moses Acarous Gray. He writes below: Maybe the leadership of CDC isn’t cognizant of the impact of certain types of resignation. There are consequences when junior members

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Reject CPP now!!! – Vandalark Patricks

Barely 48 hours after signing documents that serve as frame work for their work as a political alliance, Vandalark Patricks has called on Liberians to reject the Collaborating Political Parties. The Liberian political activist and founder of his group, Campaigners of Change, cites deception, corruption, and greed for power and authority as reasons why the

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We need to revisit our citizenship laws – ANC’s boss congratulates JustSam

The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has congratulated the American Idol, JustSam. “The debate around her “Liberian-ness” and the plans of her helping her grandmother to build a hospital in Liberia reminds us of why we need to revisit our citizenship laws to allow Liberian talents all over the

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