Christoph’s brother condems his action – It’s inappropriate to publicly insult… a female

A video of Christoph The Change publicly insulting a female has gone viral. The Liberian Hipco artist was seen in a video throwing insults at Telia Urey, a Representative aspirant of District # 15, Montserrado County, Liberia. Telia Urey, who also happens to be a former sister-in-law to Christoph, was promised a defeat in the district. Watch video below:

Christoph expressed that he is doing this because of her people. It can be recalled that Christoph had a long time relationship with Benita Urey, sister of the Representative aspirant, Telia. The breakup can be described as a rather nasty one, which probably has left the artist angry with the entire Urey family.

However, Christoph’s elder brother, Alex Nyenga, a music producer within the Liberian Entertainment Industry, known as Jackie Russ, has condemned his brothers action. He was quick to condemn his brother via a post on his social media handle ( Young Alex ). Read below:

Dear brother, it’s your constitution right to vote and campaign any candidate of your choice. Notwithstanding, it’s inappropriate to publicly insult an opposition who also happens to be a female.. I’m not in your position to understand what’s unfolding or unfolded; but remember a good character is better than a million dollars. We live in a society where integrity is sweep under the carpets and back bitting is the order of the day. But we grew up better than this.. You were born a leader; following the noise in the market should not even be an option.. 🙏🙏 – Young Alex

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