CIC finally reacts

CIC has finally reacted to all what is being said about him lately. There has been a lot said about the Liberian Super Star on social media. The noise started from the Liberty Young Achievers Awards ( LYA ) voting period. CIC was accused of defrauding the voting process to get more votes than Bucky Raw. At the end of the voting section, CIC is seen leading the category with 17,406 votes, 46% with Bucky Raw following closely with 14,017 votes, 37%

Both artists were nominated in the category of Best Musical Artist of the Year. Other artists nominated in that category include Stunna and Kobazzie The Lorma Boy. Stunna and kobazzie are lagging way behind with a miserable 2,000 plus votes each, just about 6% of the votes.

Now, CIC went on his social media platform to express how he is going to the awards to pick up his awards. See his post below:

“To TeamCIC/Cralorboi Empire, thanks for your endless support. June 5th we Jeh going pick it up na😎

Shortly afterwards, Bucky Raw made a counter post, stating that as for him, he is not looking for awards. He will be going to the LYA just to see water side fashion. Very hilarious….lol…see Bucky’s post below:

“Thanks to the most active fan army better yet the navy #buckynation for the official votes for artists of the year. Me pa i going to that award show just to see water side latest fashion. I na looking for award 😕”

Besides all this, JaRedo, who happens to be a member of CIC’s crew at SOG Records, has been seen tweeting a lot lately, hitting at Bucky Raw. However, the Trapco artist believes that it is CIC who is throwing rocks and hiding his hands, through JaRedo’s constant hits. He then called on CIC to show himself out and stop hiding behind other people.

All this noise has drawn the attention of fans and other players within the entertainment industry. The boss of The Gees.Lib, Suzan, based in Australia, took to social media, and she had a lot to say about the situation between the two artists. She has accused straightforwardly accused CIC of stealing votes by hacking the website of the LYA to win the award. She said, there is no way CIC can win that award ahead of Bucky Raw on fair note. Not only that, she went on to accuse CIC of being the one using JaRedo’s accounts to throw shades at Bucky Raw. She quickly urged him to come out like a man.

That’s not all, tho. Suzan went in tonsat that with the way CIC is behaving, she sees CIC as someone who does not mean well for his fellow artists. She said, concerning Quincy B’s death, she is putting a question mark on CIC. Now, she has warned Bucky Raw to be very careful with CIC, in Liberia.

CIC has finally reacted to all of this in a simple post:

Come to Liberia with all your evidence or….. 🚶🏾‍♂️

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4 thoughts on “CIC finally reacts

  1. Why C.I.C never one day react to the death of the late QB accusations levei against him?
    I’m not comfortable this guy until, he clearly explaine.

  2. I’m frustrated over the way my legend’s died!
    C. I. C needs to convince the public beyond all reasonable dout that his hands are free from Q B’s blood!

  3. By the way, who is she to justice CIC? I listened to her during her TALK SHOW on facebook, she’s not helping in this matter. And what I also understand is that; she’s standing behind one person. As a promoter in this industry, it’s her responsibility to deeply investigate confidentially between the two artists to know where the problem is!? If she is saying that CIC know about Quincy B’s death, then she too must be questioned. CIC have the right to take her to the laws.

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