DAY NA BREAK Newspaper hits the newsstand in Liberia

“Everything going on right now is about politics so you need something that will relax you”, this was the statement made by CEO, Savage Love, at the launch of the “Day Na Break Entertainment Newspaper” in the Conference hall of the Anglers Bar & Grill on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

The newest skilled female blogger received a reigning applause from her audience when she said that the “Day Na Break” group of companies will not only be about blogging on the internet but will now be seen on the newsstand with other local papers. The paper will be coming out weekly for now. The first publication is expected to be seen on the 22nd of April, 2019, and subsequently, every Monday of the week. As time goes by, the frequency of publication will most definitely be increased.

Day Na Break is not just about giving out the news, but it is “a group of companies” with the vision of establishing a newspaper, radio station, TV, producing bloggers and many more.”  According to the the CEO, Day Na Break is a legally registered business under the laws of the Republic of Liberia, not just a mere blog on social media running for empty hype.

 “There are so many other people who do not have money to buy data to go on the website. These people are missing out, so we have decided that we are going to take the blogging from the internet and put it outside where everybody will be able to get the news that’s happening in the entertainment industry. That’s why we are starting a newspaper as per our blog.”, she furthered.

She went on to say that, “Blogging is all about articulating your interest in a particular subject matter and sharing it on a website, and I have decided to articulate my interest in entertainment, write it the way I understand it and put it on the website ( ). My way of doing this is through news and this is basically what Day Na Break is about.”

In addition to her statement, Savage Love said “We are going to be raising young bloggers, especially people from high school and college who are interested in blogging. We are going to try our best to make blogging well-known in Liberia. She went on to say that there will be master classes for young people who are creative writers to join their hub of writers.

As a newspaper, Savage Love said their focus will be directed towards producing entertainment stories, predominantly, and a touch of other news stories. Using Liberian Afro Pop Star Kobazzie as an example, she said “our entertainers are doing a lot and not many people know about it.” Adding that, “Kobazzie just dropped a dope video “Bounce Remix” with one of Africa’s best singers and record producers, Davido of Nigeria, and that video has over a hundred and thirty thousand views on Youtube.”

Day Na Break has close to a hundred and fifty thousand views on our website and also ten thousand followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can proudly boast that Day Na Break is the hottest blog in the entertainment industry”, Savage Love asserted.

According to the Day Na Break Boss, has been blogging for a year and a half and every cent they generate from promotions and business, 25% is being donated to charity through her 1 CHILD NGO, to care for less privileged children in Liberia.

The blog also has a promotional online market called “Worlorsah ( )”.  The market promotes Liberian made products including, J-Palm Kernel Fresh Oil, African bags, slippers, shirts, Brisco Natural Coffee among others, and connects buyers and sellers. The aim of the Worlorsah business hub is to create a platform where people can easily find businesses in Liberia in one location on the internet.

She appealed to offices and newspapers vendors to include Day Na Break Entertainment Newspaper when buying other local newspapers, as their support will help grow the company like other blogs in Nigeria and on the international stage.

Mr. Zubin Cooper who served as keynote speaker, advised Liberians to start changing how they think about entertainment in Liberia.

“Liberians will support other international artists and pay US$15 for a concert. Every cent you spend on an international website, they are making money out of it”, he said.

“Let’s put our hands around Day Na Break and other entertainers and see how each one of us can find a way to support not only financially but also using it to promote your business. I hope ‘Day Na Break’ for true for the Liberian Entertainment Industry”, he told the audience.

He then called on every Liberian to support their own artist as this will put them on par with other international artists.

The event started with the Red/Green Carpet, which saw individuals stepping in to the occasion.

At the close of the event, the Day Na Break Boss thanked God Almighty and her parents. She then thanked everyone who attended the event, especially the event planner, Mrs. Uomah B. Witherspoon. She thanked individuals and institutions that sponsored the launch: Capitol FM 89.7, Edana Photography, Kreative Zone, GMZ  TV, It Starts With Me ( ISWM ), G-Supremo Entertainment, Photo Best, Mo’Kash Records, Royal Family Radio & TV, among others, Mr. Cromwell Bedell, Mr. Cornelius Poneys, Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Fayah, etc, for their staunch support in promoting Liberian Entertainment through the news sphere.

The CEO specifically thanked Prince Iverson Kennedy for teaching her the techniques of working on the website. She stressed that he had been a great help to her in getting thus far.

The audience was entertained by great performances from brilliant Liberian poets and musicians.

Day Na Break is a news and promotion company that promotes businesses and blogs about Liberian entertainment and entertainment across Africa and the rest of the world.

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