DJ Gabe Home Coming BBQ

Hey people, the biggest event to hit LIB in December, the DJ Gabe Home Coming BBQ, will be happening on the 22nd of December, and you don’t wanna miss it. This year December pa, it’s America meets Liberia!!! Yor na hear about barbecue baynay in LIB before? Well, yor coming see na.

DJ Gabe also happens to be the CEO of Mo’K Records

The newest DJ on the block in the Liberian Entertainment Industry is coming home all the way from Up Town!!
Let’s all get ready to welcome DJ Gabe.

Prayer Session by Volume, an artist at Mo’K Records

Venue: Sand Beach, Bushrod Island, Liberia
Time: 12 noon
Admissions: only 300 LD, local mar;
VIP: 5 USD and you get to eat meat;
10 USD, you get to eat meat and get some other food.
Hosts: The sensational Mai Myers and Angel Michael. Na, you know it’s gonna be lit🔥🔥
Artists line up: Volume, of Mo’K Records, Mr. Parbai, J to the B Soulfresh, Teddy Ride, and JBorbor.

You can be sure this is going to be a great show.

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