Domestic violence or motor accident – the case of an Australia-based Liberian lady

The Liberian Entertainment Industry woke up to the news of an Austria-based Liberian lady being brutalized by her boyfriend in Liberia. According to some news outlets within the entertainment industry, Audrey Adam, a Liberian lady from Australia who is currently visiting her boyfriend in Liberia, was brutally beaten by said boyfrien, Sam Payedoe, alias DJ Weezy.

A few hours after the news came out, other news outlets within the same entertainment industry ran stories of rebuttal. These claimed the lady was involved in a motor accident. By evening time, DJ Weezy, the boyfriend, took to facebook to clarify via a live video that his girlfriend was involved in an accident, and all allegations of domestic violence were false and misleading. As at the time of reporting this, the lady in question has not officially spoken to the issue yet. We will update as we get more development on this story.

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