FAKE PEACE? – Master Queen speaks her mind and clears the air

Liberia witnessed what appeared like a reconciliation being carried out in the Tunes Liberia stage between Master Queen and Karishma DeQueen. This happened when DJ Blue of Hott FM and Hazem of Double H Ent went on stage and tried to make the two long time ‘enemies’ or rivals, if you may, to smoke the peace pipe.

DJ Blue and Double H at the Tunes Liberia Music Awards event

When they first hit the stage, Karishma, who was hosting the show, was already on stage. They then called for Master Queen to mount the stage, which she did.

Before we could close our eyes and open them again, DJ Blue and Double H told Master Queen and Karishma that the beef between them has been declared over, you know, more than ha when God said ‘Let there be light and there was light’ oh. Within no time, they asked them to hug each other on stage. They were both seen literally forcing two grown ladies to ‘hug it out’ and let peace reign. You could see both ladies practically fighting it and looking so embarassed, cause, for all you know they had not settled their burning issues yet. However, later, Master Queen hugged Karishma ( You know those two are her bosses na and you can’t say no to your bosses in public) and Karishma returned the gesture. See video below:

However, a day after the supposed peace, Master Queen has made it unequivocally clear that when the time is right, peace will reign between she and Karishma. Until then, let everybody keep walking 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

Apparently, the Queen could not keep up with the farce any longer. She had to spit it out.

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