Former Police Director, Hon. Chris Massaquoi Sr., accused of raping underage girls and giving them HIV by son

There have been some bad blood between the former police director of Liberia and his son. Chris Massaquoi Jr. has accused his father, Hon. Chris Massaquoi Sr. of being an irresponsible father. He took to social media to vent out his anger against his father and leak out lots of personal issues about his father. The former Police Director’s Jr. boy went as far as accusing his father of being a rapist who has been spreading HIV to people underage children in Liberia.

Chris Massaquoi Jr. is a business man, running a fast food and a business training program. He has even lamented that if his father had been helping him build his dream, he would have been a millionaire by now. However, he clarifies that his father has not spent any money to help build his business he has in Liberia.

See the many posts Chris Jr. displayed on social media about his father, Chris Sr.:

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