Fun version of the GT BANK MD incident

Since the GT Bank incident that saw a viral video recording of Edward Freeman being angry that a calculator was thrown at him and the MD heard asking him to calm down, people have added a fun side to this. They have started what they call the “GT Bank Challenge”. The hilarious part about this is that, they end it with “George Kailondo must hear this.”. Now there was a situation about a year ago, and that’s what people are referring to. George Kailondo, a business mogul in Liberia and the last MD of GT Bank Liberia went for a boat ride and the MD fell out of the boat and got drown. Some speculated that it was Kailondo who push the man into the water with the intension to kill him. Others said it was an accident. This issue with the present MD has just made people referring to that incident. Some have even been joking posting that ‘George Kailondo needs to take this other MD for a boat ride too.’ See video and posts below:



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