{{GET THE REAL STORY HERE}} Skinnyboi Kpanto drops video; Afo4do’s arrest, and more

The Liberian artist who just dropped the most talked about song, Bring Our Container Back, Skinnyboi Kpanto, is very vigorous. Skinnyboi Kpanto has responded to the trending reality in the country, which is the saga of the missing container full of billions of Liberian Dollars. He recently dropped the song Bring Our Container Back. Now, just 4 days afterwards, he has dropped the video. That’s awesome!! “Lay man say he na making music lazy…”

It can be recalled that Skinnyboi posted just last night that his producer, Afo4do was arrested and jailed. From our own investigation, Afo4do was not arrested because of the song. Afo4do and his artist were seen around the President’s house late last night trying to interfere with the work of the police. They were riding on a chartered commercial motorbike, after the time that a motorbike is supposed to ply the streets. Motorbikes don’t ply the streets after 10:00p.m. in Liberia, but Afo4do and his artist booked a commercial motorbike between 12:00-1:00 midnight. When the police arrested the bike, they decided to obstruct the arrest.

Kpanto himself confirmed all of this. The Police even told them that the interrogation was not about them, but the bike rider, so it’s none of their business, and that they should find their way and leave. However, they decided to continue talking. Every effort to make them understand that the police had no problem with them, they still decided to be a part of it, and we know how our LIB people can be, especially when they’re “charge” (drunk). Kpanto himself said that he had FEW BOTTLES of wine. Not one but, FEW BOTTLES. Watch the entire VIDEO on DAY NA BREAK TV and hear Skinnyboi Kpanto saying it himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuxTS4RYffo&t=710s


“We were chilling at the studio, me and Fodo, me and Fodo we were chilling at the Studio and we was like ok, let’s just go take a stroke out there, on the street, it was round er, 12, I mean 11 p.m. when we left the studio. We went to walk, we went to walk around to the closest entertainment center, we went, after we finish walking around, nothing much, I just had FEW WINE BOTTLES…” – Skinnyboi Kpanto.

Another part of this story that we cannot understand is, the police decided to free Afo4do after a while, but he said no, he wasn’t going home because it was already late. Note that Afo4do lives just a few minutes away from the President’s house, so he could have just gone home. However, it was late, so he must have been feeling uncomfortable to walk the streets again that late, that is understandable.

So they were drunk, obstructed arrest of a motorbike rider, probably made the motorbike rider to run away, and behaved somehow. As Skinnyboi Kpanto said, he had FEW BOTTLES OF WINE, at midnight, plying the streets. Kpanto ran away, but Afo4do was arrested. After a while, he was released, but he decided to just sleep over and leave in the morning.

Watch the VIDEO of entire story for yourself, as explained by Skinnyboi Kpanto himself on:


Click the link below to watch BRING OUR CONTAINER BACK video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGnb7vgnJeQ&feature=share








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