Ghana | Food and Drugs Authority Ghana replies to Wendy Shay

The Food and Drugs Authority has responded to the Ghanaian artist, Wendy Shay. Wendy expressed her dissatisfaction earlier today about losing a deal to advertise for foreign alcoholic company because of FDA. She said she lost thousands of dollars because of a ban FDA has placed against celebrities advertising alcoholic beverages.

As she lamented, she called o. FDA to lift the ban. She also accused them of taking food out of the mouths of celebrities.

The Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana has responded to Wendy Shay:

“Dear Wendy Shay Official,

The guidelines on the advertisement of food states clearly that no well-known personality or professional shall be used in alcoholic beverage advertisement.

The FDA is not trying to take food away from your mouth but rather trying to protect the young ones who idolise you from the abuse of alcohol.

On the other hand, we can collaborate with you to use your influence to educate the youth against alcohol abuse.

FDA….Your Well-being, Our Priority”.

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