Hannah FS Kantan gives her side of the DV marriage story

Hannah FS Kantan has contacted this blog to give her side of the story. According to Hannah, a lot of what Matthew explained is not true. She said that the reason why she wants a divorce is not because she does not love Matthew, but it’s an act of respect. She said that when they got married based on the DV program, they started to have sex because they feel in love, but she thinks it was inappropriate. This is why she wants a divorce so that they start over and do things properly.

She said that the entire Massaquoi story must have been a foul play at the embassy. The Massaquoi fellow was present at the embassy for his interview on the very day she and Matthew were also getting interviewed. When she was asked if she was married to Massaquoi she said no, Massaquoi was also there and he was asked if he knew this Hannah lady. The man said no. So she really couldn’t understand why the fact that she’s married to this man could be the reason for them getting denied. After all, Massaquoi got his visa, but they were denied.

Now her point is if she was married to this Massaquoi guy who was also going to America on DV, why would she be wasting her time with a “broke guy like Matthew?” in her own words, not mine.

She went on to say that it just so happens that she fell in love with Matthew, but there’s really nothing she can benefit from this man. She therefore decided that even the boyfriend and girlfriend part after the divorce, she has called it off too. She only wants to be separated from him permanently. His parents came to her parents and said, well even though the whole thing was a DV marriage, but now their son says he wants their daughter in real life so they will come back. Since then, nothing. So why must she still be married to this man in this fake manner? She said that Matthew still lives with his parents, and as an adult, you don’t come from out at night as entertainers and be knocking on the door for your parents to open door for you to enter. What she wanted is for Matthew to man up, marry her properly and take care of her. But no, Matthew still wants to be a boy, living off his parents, doesn’t want to go to school, is complacent with his US$100.00 job, which can’t take care of her, so she can’t be in such a life. She went on to say that no woman wants to be with a man who can’t even buy soap for her to wash his clothes, not talking about her own clothes. Matthew is a real broke guy, yet he cheats, so she can’t see a future in him, no prospect, nothing really she can lay her hands on to make her stay with him. However, he’s frustrated that’s why he ran to the media.

Now, her next point is she had to go home when the program failed because her parents were the ones who spent all the money for this program so she had to go inform them and she needed the comfort of her mother. No one comforts more than a mother. However, she was always going to visit him.

So, now all she wants is to get this divorce thing over with and move on with her life. She said they did not make it on the DV because God did not agree. Interestingly, this whole story is something that happened wayyyy last year oh. Yes!!!! Da last year this whole DV failing thing happened. So why is Matthew bringing it to the media now? Hannah said it’s because he’s afraid of losing her. She’s pretty, attractive, educated and makes good money. He’s very afraid of losing her, so he thinks by bringing her to public ridicule, he would get her attention and get her to change her mind, but that’s not happening, she said.

Well, that’s it. Now we got both sides of the story.


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