Huge DJ Don flogged tiny Shining Man and left him toothless!! {{VIDEO}}

Report reaching Day.Na Break says that DJ Don brutally flogged Shining Man and broke his teeth from his mouth, leaving him toothless!!! What a wow!!!

Shining Man is a tiny Liberian rapper who happens to be a member of the Group, Soulfresh and also the baby Pa of the Liberian female artist, Pillz.

DJ Don is a hugh DJ within the Liberian Music sector.

See DJ Don
See Shining Man

Report reaching us says that this happened at the birthday celebration of his partner, JB Soulfresh on Saturday, April 6, 2019. According to sources, DJ Don took Shinning Man’s girlfriend as his date to attend JO’S birthday celebration. When Shining Man got on ground, he saw that his girlfriend was the DJ Don’s date for the night, and he didn’t like that. Confusion opened….from cussing each other out, the two men ended up into a brutal fight!!!

However, the rapper said the nigga who did that to him will pay!!! Watch out, DJ Don.

See video:

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