“I am a human and I am prone to errors” – Solomon Joah, Jr. apologises for flogging female student who went to beg for pad

“To my students and parents,

I am Solomon M. Joah Jr. Director for Students Affairs of the Soltiamon Christian School System. I am a devoted Christian, a father, husband, brother and cheerful giver. My daughter and student (name withheld) like other students have had a greater and motivational teacher and student relationship. I hope those positive values can be remembered as I have honestly served my students with passion. My family wishes this imposing hadn’t happened.

I have served in the capacity as Director of your chosen school for 10 years and have graduated nine classes with some of the finest pupils of our time with distinction in public exams making very beautiful, patriotic and well-meaning citizens.

Our school has been one of the best in the Republic because of our collective strives harmonizing parents and teachers relationship to ensuring quality and high standards for our students.

The case in question of one of my students is regrettable and unprecedented but least we note that never had any student in our school been given lashes that would inflict pain on them or cause grievous wounds. It was quite unfortunate that what supposed to be an acceptable minimal disciplinary action meted out to the student turned out to be a violation that I personally regret as a father of so many children.

My involvement with students at SCSS has seen many students excel in their career paths, developing the needed character for a better future not only for themselves but our dear country.

Over the year we have supervised our students’ engagement in international students competition like this year Diamond Challenge held in the United States of America.

Our school, as you may have heard last week for the second year in succession won the best press club at the Youth Media Action Competition

We have introduced our annual gala anniversary that includes athletics for our students in preparing them for future careers

As the Director, I’ve endeavor to ensure school facilities including Library, Science and Computer Laboratories are fully equipped to meet the need for applied sciences for our students.

Our graduates under my supervision are amongst the best of students in our country and are doing exceptionally well in higher educational institutions. Those of our students that are within the working class of our society are high performers. This is a record we cherish and thanks to our parents and students for the support.

All of these positive attributes are a direct result of our support and the discipline instilled in our students while at Soltiamon.

Never in the past have we have such a troubling moment. While it is true that I believe in discipline, I also think it must be served with caution and to the family of the student, I honestly take responsibility for my action and it is my hope that we could be partners again to ensure the student gets the best. I wish to let her know that she’s still my daughter and I, your father, a relationship built over the years in earnest. I am a human and I am prone to errors. As I’ve always said to you all, I love you and I do even in these moments.”

Ok, here’s what happened:
The girl was caught out of class (she had made use of her free class time to go to her friend in the next class to ask for a pad). Solomon Joah asked her why she was out of class. She said she was sorry, but the reason is personal. He insisted. Well, it turned out the young miss needed sanitary pad to help with her monthly menses flow, but she never had any and she was embarrassed. She went to beg for some from another student. The whole process of getting it, wearing it and all that made her a little late. She explained that to him. He said the girl should show him the sanitary pad. She said she couldn’t. He then decided to beat her up. He gave her 65 lashes first. When he completed, finding out that the young lady did not cry, he got mad and said that was disrespectful of her. Why didn’t she cry. He then told her to lie down again, and he gave her additional 65 lashes!!!!!

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9 thoughts on ““I am a human and I am prone to errors” – Solomon Joah, Jr. apologises for flogging female student who went to beg for pad

  1. He should get fired from the school. I don’t care that his dad is the owner of the school. She didn’t have to show him the sanitary napkins. He should know African ladies are very private once it comes to that. He should have called a female teacher to handle that. He should not have given her 65 matches at first. Because she didn’t cry so he hit her more? That didn’t give him the right to hit her again. He should go to jail. That is abuse and wickedness in its highest rate. He should not be teaching and he should not even be around those kids. People in Africa need to stop hitting on other people children like that. They do not want anyone to hit on their children. Stop treating other people children badly. For heaven sake there other ways to discipline those kid’s without being brutally wicket to them.

  2. It is so true that we are all proned to error and at times we allow our emotion overtake our reasoning. It is very unfortunate.
    However, why in the world, 2019, should a student be beaten 130 lashes? Probably, there is more to this.

    The real apology is the very last paragraph. The rest is damage control and publicity stunt.

    No wonder the Ministry of Education forbid the use of the cane in school!!!

  3. Mr. Joah lost his mind! First, this control freak with supposedly adequate years of experience clearly lacks critical & conflict resolution skills… Secondly, he is too ridget!!(revise policies), Thirdly, training. Continuous education is KEY for Mr. Joah et al. #my2cents

    1. I just came across this story which is the worst I have ever read in recent times.
      He went insane..He has to go under mental evaluation..Absurd..

  4. Wow, Mr. Joah needs to be fired from his job and sent for sensitivity training and anger management. The act of whipping students should be banned and treated as a crime in Liberia. This has no place in any society.

  5. What a abuse to a child and a female, this nonsense should be in jail, So so evil. He is such a animal to treat another human being in such a way😓😓🤔

    1. I haven’t seems such attitude exhibited anywhere, the parents of the child should press charges for abuse and he should be punished for that. I believe, it is more to that then just sanitary napkins. Since he wanted to see the true behind what the student had told him, why shouldn’t he instruct one of the female teachers to find out the student was telling him the truth? Such act is prohibited and is punishable by jail time. The government of Liberia should step in and abolish such attitude.

  6. No well meaning achool in Liberia 🇱🇷 should try this with my babies because of being out pf class for a while,we will take it to another level not only u being 🔥,wtf is the reason gor 130lashes

  7. The apology sounds more like a promotion for himself and the school. Mr, this isn’t about your achievements, but the abuse you dished out to a child.
    It would have served you better if you kept quiet instead of releasing this PR stunt.

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