I will definitely be a BIG artist one day – CIC explains how it all started

My cousin Samuel used to knock the table on the back porch of our house in BREWERVILLE to make a beat for me to rap… Most times we used to laugh about it when he called me a flop😂

So months passed and my dad got me a radio as a gift and I started listening to music and learning songs word for word and that helped me a lot with my rhyme scheme and composition.

I started getting better each time he dropped a beat and I told him that one day I’ll be one of the biggest artist in Liberia.

Saw that as a challenge and I took it. Today, I still think of those moments and what I said to him have always been a bar for what I do. Will definitely be a BIG artist one day😊 but till then, the grind never stops🙌🏽

Put God first, Know what you want, dedicate your time and resources to it, be consistent no matter the circumstances, stay respectful and discipline and all of what you dreamed will fail in place.

Happy new week ❤️

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