Just because you kill your man – Michelle Michelle accuses Karishma DeQueen of murder

In the midst of the Gary beating saga, lots of things are getting unearthed. It was reported that the boyfriend if Michelle Michelle, Sheikh Ibrahim K. Sackor slapped Gary at the Tunes Liberia Awards event. Karishma decided to express her point of view:

This opst made Michelle Michelle very angry. She told Karishma that she should have called Sheikh if she had something to say. Her point is that Karishma and Sheikh are friends, so Karishma should have reached out to him instead of doing a Facebook status. Her anger led her to calling Karishma an attention seeker and so many other names. What took our attention sharply is when she accused Karishma of murder. She commented:

Now. Karishma lost her husband few years back and it was rumored that there was a foul play. However, the matter has since been laid to rest and it seemed like everybody moved on. Bringing the topic up like this by Michelle Michelle is rather interesting. It seems like she knows more about who killed Karishma’s husband than we can imagine.

We are following this closely.

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