King George thinks Kobazzie’s BOUNCE remix with Davido is wack

Kobazzie has finally released the remix to his hit song, BOUNCE. This remix has been highly anticipated as the news about getting Davido on the remix came out more than a quarter of a year ago. Well, the song is out now, and Liberians have a lot to say about it.

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Liberian King George, one of the big names in the Liberian Entertainment Industry due to the fact that he provides management for one of the biggest Liberian artists as at now, Bucky Raw, has a lot of say about the BOUNCE remix. He took to his facebook page to express how he feels about the song:

First of all, Liberian King George thinks that the song may not play in Liberia like that, to actually live up to the kind of hype the song is getting. However, he thinks that all the song will be capable of doing will be to bring Kobazzie The Lorma Boy some international recognition.

He went on to make it very clear that in his opinion,

Doing a remix to such a hit song was the wrong move (DO A NEW SONG). But any chance to work with Davido, most African artists will jump on it and take the back seat to all the suggestions about the collaboration. I get it. Maybe the video will rescue the audio. Let’s wait and see.

“Bounce remix, Kobazzie X Davido, may not get the plays or live up to the hype in Liberia. Maybe the video will rescue the audio” – what a clever way to say the remix is wack.

Listen to the original BOUNCE below:

Listen to the BOUNCE remix below:

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