Liberia X Ghana| Christoph The Change and Stonebwoy about to shake Africa!!! {VIDEO}

Now you all know Christoph The Change is a bomb and Stonebwoy is hotter than fire!!! They’re both seen in studio, and this is going to shake Africa. You best believe that!!

Christoph The Change, who is currently in the Republic of Ghana, is seen in a live video with Stonebwoy in studio. Though it was not explicitly mentioned, but from all indications, one can conclude that they are coming out with a collaboration together. You can trust that it is going to be BIG!!!

Get to know about Christoph The Change. Christoph The Change is one of the biggest hipco artists in Liberia. He has been seen in one of the biggest beef in the history of the Liberian Entertainment Industry, with Bucky Raw, one of the biggest Trapco artists of Liberia. In fact, that beef is still ongoing and it’s end is in no way close by. Christoph is the winner of the 2018 Tunes Liberia Awards, Hipco Artist of the Year. Christoph is also known as LT City Finest and The Girls Dem Bonnie Dust. That’s not all. You can call him the Musical George Weah. Yes!!!

Stonebwoy on the other hand is also in a nasty beef with Shatta Wale of Ghana, one that is not nearing an end anytime soon. Their beef is so big that fans of Stonebwoy’s BhimNation and fans of Shatta Wale’s Shatta Movement do not see eye to eye, so imagine the two of them. In 2015, Stonebwoy won a BET Award for Best International Act, Africa and the Ghana Music Awards Artist of the Year. He is currently the Artist of the Year, Ghana Music Awards, South Africa. He stages SOLD OUT concerts with so much ease like how you would just change your underwear. The man is BIG.

Having these two on a track is going to be nothing but a BOMB!!!

Watch the video below:

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