Liberian actress sues Nigerian businessman

A Nigerian businessman in the Liberian community, known as Fred Signal, is the organiser of the Liberian Youth Award, an award show that made its debut in Liberia in June of 2018. Lay Naija man say da only Liberian Entertainment Industry he wan do business in and write about.

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He just recently published a magazine he calls the Liberian Spotlight. In the magazine, he has a portion in which he was giving pieces of advice to some Liberian celebrities.

One of those he gave advice to is the Liberian actress, Karishma DeQueen. However, Karishma is taking he and his piece of advice straight to the court. Karishma is suing Fred for defamation of character. She writes:

So a Nigerian guy called himself a publisher in Liberia decided to write this nonsense about me & negative stuff about other Liberian celebrities … Okay ooo Fred Signal Mr. Publisher… Thank you there!!! But I guess you gat prove to ur allegations to be proven in Court on Wednesday!

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