Liberian woman flogged and naked on facebook live by Canc’s sister

A video that paraded facebook on February 18, 2019, shows a young Liberian lady, referred to as Martha Happy Doe by her abusers in the video, getting beat up and disgraced publicly, on a Facebook live video. According to the ladies who beat up Martha, she is in the constant habit of creating fake pages to discuss issues about her closed friends on Facebook.

It has been revealed that the real name of the Martha Happy Doe lady is Shakolo Leemu Conto.

Shakolo Leemu Conto all dolled up before she got flogged

The lady is heard denying every allegation and she said even her own page has been hacked before too. Now, her friends, one of them named Rolex, as she was called in the video, did not believe her.

Here’s what happened: They fooled Shakolo and took her in the car to an unknown place and beat her up fine and naked her. If not for the help of some men nearby, this Shakolo lady would have been stripped completely butt naked on live video. She was just naked half way….her blouse was torn off her and her skirt too. Just that she had on a short backing pants, that’s what kept her from getting butt naked. However her blouse was torn off her breasts altogether. She tried to hide her naked breasts with her hands and the remnants of her torn clothes.

This act has been condemned by many. However, the Liberian dancehall female artist, Canc, has hailed the action of the ladies who disgraced their fellow woman. She took to facebook and jubilantly shared the video with these words:

See ur life. What benefit will it do for you to bring people down, this is high class witchcraft….She is the one with all the fake accounts…all thanks to my sister Olex Harmon Gbala for the beating….but my own too loading for her….

The post was later shared by another female artist of Liberia, Faithvonic, who goes by name Coolgirl Vonic on facebook. She jubilantly shared the video and called out this Day Na Break blog to run the story also because of a post the blog had done about Faithvonic beefing with Canc over hair issue. Now, according to Faithvonic, this is the same lady who used her name on a fake page to write stuff about Canc. See the hair below:

Faces behind the flogging of Shakolo

Reason behind tthe flogging: One of tthe friends said that Shakolo used her fake page called Martha Happy Doe to post that her husband is a money changer and other stuff about her friends:

It was earlier revealed that these ladies, Kimberline, Theresa Haja Barnes & Jemamon D Nathan were the people who flogged Shakolo. However, the sister of Theresa made it clear that Theresa was not a part.of it. Theresa will be going to the police to clear her name.

Latest development on this story has it that the case has reached to the police and all those involved in the flogging of Shakolo are now on the run. However….Shakolo has not spoken out yet.

What a wow!!!!

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