Liberians convert plastic waste into paving bricks

Two Liberians, Abraham L.B Freeman and Bacchus Roberts, have been very innovative in solving a major environmental problem in Liberia. They create paving bricks from plastic bags, thus helping to rid the environment of waste.

Freeman and Roberts formed the institution they call Environmental Rescue Initiative (ERI Liberia). They use plastic waste to create the bricks. The only other item added to the plastic is sand. They collect plastic bags from the dump sites around town and bag them. These Liberian Changemakers have been featured by CNN Africa. SEE HERE.

They weigh the sand and the plastic, when they get the desired weight, they then put the items into their mixer and mix. Each brick means that they have cleared the environment of over six hundred (600) plastic bags, according to them.


Abraham L. B. Freeman is an Environmental Officer at Liberia’s Hydro Project, whilst Bacchus Roberts is a Health and Safety Manager at the same Hydro Project.

They both work full time. They use their spare time, mostly weekends, to do this work.

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