Liberia’s Patrick Wleh rescues PDRM with hat-trick!!!

Since he last scored in a Malaysian Super League between PKNS FC and his former club, Selangor FA, in 2017, Patrick Ronaldihno Wleh’s first league goals came as a buzz, as he starts off his new account with a hat trick. The 27 year-old Liberian centre forward scored a hat trick on Tuesday, April 9 to help The Royal Malaysia Police Football Association (PDRM) or The Corps through their 5-2 first win of the season over Sarawak FA during its eighth match of the 2019 Malaysia Premier League.

Facing a two goals loss to the first half of the match, The Corps returned strong to snatch the three points by scoring five in the second half. Yes, PDRM returned from the break stronger with a goal in the 47th minute from Fauzan Fauzi and Wleh took an equaliser four minutes later. Lee Chang-Hoon came to light in the 59th minute with the penalty spot to make the score 3-2.

Patrick, from inside the penalty box, headed his 2nd goal just four minutes later and took the team to a 4-2 mark. In the 80th minute, his last heart striking goal put him and his team to the spotlight with a 5-2 win, walking away with the ball as a customary reward.

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Reported by: Paul Paukpa and Abraham Kantan

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