Lyee K. Bility cries about his Bilikon artists being discriminated against

The boss of Bilikon, Lyee K. Bility, seems to be sick and tired of the discrimination being meted against his record label and his artists in the Liberian Entertainment Industry. He has accused DJs and promoters of always demanding money from him before playing his artists songs. He goes on to say that as soon as other record labels drop their artists’ songs, all thenergy DJs and promoters go running for them, but when Bilikon drops her artists’ songs, nobody goes for them until he can pay them first. He says he’s tired with it now. He’s going to stick to those of his day one DJs and promoters who don’t charge him one cent before playing songs from his artists.

Other record label drop song, All the DJ and promoters run for it. Bilikon Drop Song, I muh drop small tin before u play my music. Smt. I bill gates ehn… I finish with fakers this 2019 ooo… Im staying with my day one promoters and DJs. You like it u play, u na like it don’t play. 🤷🏿‍♂️

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