Mad rush for THANK YOU music video by Bucky Raw, the Liberia Super Star

Bucky Raw’s THANK YOU video was scheduled to premier in January, but due to some circumstances, it wasn’t. However, it seems like the entire nation was desperately waiting for the video. IIn less than 5 days of its release, THANK YOU can boast of over 40K views on YouTube

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THANK YOU is a video that Bucky featured the Liberian young Star, Stunna and Ice Prince from Nigeria.

Bucky only had to announce the the video was out, and the country went into a mad rush to get a hold of the video. On February 23, 2019, the Liberian Super Star, Bucky Raw dropped the announcement:

To every media house and bloggers that promote the bad image of Bucky..Thank You, For everyone who doing everything to bring me down..Thank You, to all the people who don’t fu** with me..Thank You, To all the people who support and wish me well…Thank You .. To BUCKY NATION, if it wasn’t for you guys today em I really don’t know. THANK YOU so much 🙏🏾Thanks to all my fans and supporters for the wait… it was worth it

THANK YOU” ft @stunna and Ice Prince … hit the link in the comment session 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 👉🏾

After this announcement, what followed was a marathon…..everybody running for the video….too much love:

……and thousands more…..

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