Madam Minister, you need some sense of direction – Miss Wokie Dolo fires back!!!

Miss Wokie Dolo has sharply responded to the Assistant Minister For Tourism, Hon. Princess Turkolon.

“Madam assistant Minister Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism (MICAT)where is the 50 thousand usd budget that Miss Liberia 2017, should’ve used to undertake her projects, where is the furnished office the Ministry’s promise for the Queen to sit in and work, where is the Queen monthly pay check for her reign and diplomatic passport since you’re concerned about protocol. Secondly where is the term of reference that indicates who should send a representative to international pageant from the establishment of pageantry in Liberia? Where were you when the Queen created Gofundme to support her journey to Miss World and Miss Africa Continent? Where are the attached international franchise the ministry has access to because the last time we checked Miss Liberia is not even allowed to go to Miss World and Miss Universe which led to the Queen paying for the Franchise to represent Liberia internationally because Liberia doesn’t have the Franchise so now you’re telling us that your function as an assistant minister is to humiliate the lady who has work tirelessly to secure a brand for herself and taking the country to the international stage without your office contribution towards her reign and creating platforms for young women to showcase their talents to the world?? Madam minister you need to seek advice from people who been in the system so the they give you some sense of direction because you’re off no right to decide on who to represent Liberia on the stage where you don’t have these Franchise.” – Miss Wokie Dolo

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