Master Queen and Rickslyn Myers finally smoke the ‘peace pipe’

As you might or might not know, Master Queen amd Rickslyn Myers have been having some very serious friction between them for well over 2 years now. Both ladies were not cool at all, even though on many occasions they made it look like that was not the case.

Finally, they have decided to smoke the peace pipe. Master Queen started the ball rolling with the below post:

It’s always exciting to see females step out of their comfort zone and take a bold stance on something positive. I think instead of seeing women as competitors; we should begin to see each other as collaborators and co-creators. Life is too short, we Women should be empowering each other, not sabotaging other women! With all of the obstacles and challenges we face throughout our lifetimes, it’s important to have a network of fellow women we can count on to support us, offer advice, and share genuine friendships with. Regardless of our differences, there’s one bond we should always keep in mind #Rickslyn, which is ”ENTERTAINMENT It’s All About Love”……………♥️ Rickslyn Myers, Congratulations on shooting for the star. As a bigger Sister, I pray your debut hit mainstream and shine brighter than a cluster. #NiceRecord #Broken go check it out!👏🏽♥️🎤

Master Queen’s post was later followed by a post from Rickslyn Myers, as seen below:

I applaud you! What you did was the right step in the right direction, exactly what we expect to see and live in the entertainment industry. Building a community of genuine bonds and love. Hence, on this day, I also extend the olive branch to you as a sign of respect, friendship, growth, and support for you, and even younger women who have or might have interest in our field of work.
To be able to inculcate into them our own unique traits and attributes that have brought us this far🙌🏾. Wishing you all the best, and you can definitely count on me whenever the need be🙏🏾. You were right! If us women, regardless of age do not come together to empower ourselves, support ourselves through each other, no other gender will. You came first. You remain first! 👑 it’s never been a competition. Social media has its way and it played its part with us. God being God, we’ve overcome that!
Over here wishing you luck on your trip to Gambia 🇬🇲. Oya! Give demmm kanyan pehpeh mami!❤️

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