Medical Student, Trap-Co artist, CEO of Trap-Co Stehley Claz (TCSC ) Records!

The Liberian Entertainment Industry is a mixed of celebrities from different works of life. This industry can boast of Caleb Patrick Wlue, who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry, and is currently a medical student at the A M Dogliotti College of Medicine in Monrovia, Liberia. Caleb Patrick Wlue is a Trapco artist. On these streets, the medical student, Caleb Patrick Wlue, is referred to as DocStunna!!

The incoming doctor currently runs a record label of three. His label includes himself, DocStunna and his two siblings. Jethro E. D Wlue, alias OG Lamar and Jonathan E. Wlue, alias Chainzy Da Plug. The label is called TCSC ( Trap-Co Stehley Claz ). The words ‘Stehley Claz’ is colloqua which means ‘Study Class’…lol. TCSC dropped its first EP on April 20, 2019. One of their popular tracks, TSUNAMI, is now making so much noise in the city!!!

DocStunna fell in love with rap music and started spitting out bars at the tender age of 13. His parents were strict and never gave him the atmosphere or opportunity to realize that dream of doing a rap song until he met a friend in Junior year, undergraduate, who’s currently a producer. That friend helped him record his first song called “swag’’. As he wrote freestyles and recorded them, he was never more motivated until in 2017 when he fell in love with TRAPCO! For Caleb, sharing the Liberian experience through music, using our colloquial and slangs on banging instrumental, he decided that he would do a record and go public with his talent! As for his career, Medicine is a passion for him.

The entertainment world has seen people handle two careers, like people mix sports with white collar careers and so forth. Even though Medicine is what he always wanted to do since age ten, but to Caleb, music is just a part of him that can’t get separated. He can’t go a minute without singing a song, whether rap sound or whatever. He feels like if he doesn’t do music now, he will miss out on showing the world that talented side of him and how meticulously he could influence part of his time through his gifts of arts, writing and music! The incoming doctor be mixing the medical terms with Trap-Co and confusing people on these streets, na fun oh…lol.

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2 thoughts on “Medical Student, Trap-Co artist, CEO of Trap-Co Stehley Claz (TCSC ) Records!

  1. That’s good of him, I think he be the most educated musician in Liberia, I stand to be corrected. Bravo to u bro

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