Minister Eugene Fahngon stands up for Liberians being discriminated against by Management of Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is one of the airlines mostly used by Liberians. However, there have been a case of the airline discriminating against Liberians or Blacks. From a reliable source, we got to understand that a flight scheduled for 9:00 a.m was cancelled and rescheduled for 9:p.m the next day. However, passengers who were on that flight were segregated and the Whites were given rooms in  a hotel to sleep whilst the Liberians and other Black people were left to sleep outside on the floor at the terminal. This was not a case of passengers missing their flight. The people asked that a decent place be provided for them to sleep since it was of no fault of theirs that they were not in their flight to their destination. However, this request fell on death ears.

This is where Minister Eugene Fahngon came in. He was at the airport and witnessed the entire episode. He then engaged the workers of the airline to make their Management understand that they are wrong for discriminating. Why will they provide a decent sleeping place for the Whites and leave the Blacks outside? They should make sure to book rooms for everybody to have a decent place to sleep because the fact thst those people were in transit is by no means their fault but the aitlines’. He went further to explain that they could be sued for such behaviour and pay thousands of dollars. So it’s better they pay a couple of hundreds of dollars and get rooms for the passengers or risk getting sued and pay thousands of dollars.

The workers assured him that they would take that message to the Management.

Keep posted for the follow up to this issue. We are following closely.


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