Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo gets dramatic, heavily criticised by Miss Fire, Miss Earth Liberia 2018, more…

The ball kept on rolling among participants as the top 5 emerged and then came the top 3. The long awaited day till then, April 20th arrived as the contestants and finalists headed to the finale at the Executive Pavilion in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. It was a glamorous evening of talents and beauty. Yes!!! It was the Miss Earth Liberia 2019, the first of its kind in Liberia. The glamour, the laughter, the applause….it all came to an end and Monrovia slept.

Monrovia slept and woke up to heavy shots coming from the camp of Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo. The Queen started throwing shades that came flying out like missiles. All came through one post after the other, shooting straight towards an anonymous receiver, all over the place on social media. She started off her good morning world with:

Poor child came on free ride, blog wasn’t even represented you violated protocol but say thanks to your governmental boyfriend for the free ticket come next time, you will experience us. Well I guess they said you’re the MVP for the 2019 rudeness award.”

Before the internet users could finish analyzing and digesting that, came another bombshell:

“My squad succeeded because of their humble and well disciplined beginnings not sexual nor disrespectful beginning. Don’t forget he’s noted for add and drop, so enjoy your 1min fame madam free ride.”

…and then boom!!!!

Whatever they call you, get ready to beat my kedteh or you and your 1min fame child molester boyfriend kedteh will be beaten. 9hours ago I was disrespected by that fool…”

Whatever they call you, get ready to beat my kedteh or you and your 1min fame child molester boyfriend kedteh will be beaten. 9hours ago I was disrespected by that fool…”

Without voicing out the details of what’s unfolding, everybody had to give it their own interpretation. Well, some said she was throwing shade at a girl who might be her rival for a ‘boyfriend’ or maybe a blogger who wanted to go live during the event, after she had said nobody should go live at her event. Well, since nobody knew exactly who the Queen was lashing out at and what was the reason for the bombs, everybody just ran over and collected a piece of the cake and went away, leaving each post with nothing short of hundreds of reactions.

On the other hand, some criticized the Queen greatly for being so dramatic instead of focusing her attention on the success of her event the morning after:

Tyrese Tarr wrote: “Hey fryers, I’m in no way against our Miss Liberia, but I think it is now time we have a new Miss Liberia. Since our Queen has become so dramatic and on social media games, we are calling on the Ministry of Information to make a probe into this issue. We need a new Miss, this Miss has over stayed and is losing her Queen qualifications…Since she wants to be in social media wahala Just put our crown down and start ur Drama…..”

Next was Johnie Scientific Gbayelakpor: “Miss Liberia should be a unifier, uniting girls together should be your hallmark, throwing unnecessary tantrums at your friends in a demeaning way is absolutely out of order.

Your recent post denigrating your friend shows how incompetent you are, being a Miss is far beyond mere beauty, your lifestyle and output should serve as a conduit for the younger ones.

This is arrant nonsense!!!”

Before the day ended, one of the contestants of the very Miss Earth Liberia 2019 had a lot to say to the Liberian Queen, Miss Wokie Dolo.

Folecia H. Dagher, the Miss Fire of the Miss Earth Liberia competition wrote:

Hey Wokie,

I think you’re a real talent and a role model to many young girls but you need to grow up and be better than yourself. Cuz the current you is unacceptable as a Role Model. 

You are always overreacting and treats people like dirt and that’s not nice. You double-played me. You allowed me to compete only to bring out the hypocrisy in you in the end. 

Wokie, wasn’t I honest and told you that I’m 17-year old and a 12th-grade student? I wrote this in my application and you accepted me as a participant. Why then did you say that I couldn’t be among the top three because I’m still in high school? Why did you shamed me and refused to allow me at the after party at Cela Vi on accounts that I’m under-age?

This is not how you treat people and I hope you can learn this.

I’m not angry because I think Georgia performed better and she deserved to win. I’m angry I expected you to be better than what you showed me. Nobody knows it all, I’m a teenager, but I can show you manners, I can show you decency. Hope you find the time to learn these from me. 

To all the young girls out there, please don’t let anybody tell you what you can’t be. Don’t let your age decide your boundaries. Go for what you and even if you don’t win, show the world that you’ve got guts!!.

Then came in Mohammed Last Don Donzo: “Wokie Dolo, u wanna be dramatic n now u got served by ur lil kids. At times prestige matters. A lesson learned.”

 As if all these criticisms were not enough, boom!!!!! The last Miss Earth, Miss Joicet Jartu Foday, threw the biggest bombshell, explaining how she was not even invited to the Miss Earth event, how she was treated in a very despicable manner by Miss Wokie Dolo:

“So I never wanted to get involved in this whole Miss Earth Liberia issue but I need to clear my heart.
Firstly Congratulations Georgia Bemah on winning Miss Earth Liberia 2019.
As Miss Earth Liberia 2018 I was really disrespected by Wokie Dolo whom is the National Director for Miss Earth Liberia.

I attended the Miss Earth Liberia 2018 audition in September and Wokie called me and said the Judges picked me as the Winner. When I first met Wokie she actually seemed like a nice person but then I think things changed. Talking to Wokie was very hard so, her Sister “Natu” was like the middle woman she would help to talk to wokie about all the issues I had. Before my departure to Philippines in October my life was a living hell! Wokie would command me to go for sponsors visits most times, at the same time I’m writing and going to people to help me. at the end of the day I received 100 usd from Wokie, I asked her what happened to all the sponsors that we visited and she said I didn’t ask her sooner and that when she was going for Miss World no one helped her so I’m responsible for My Plane tickets and Everything. After Struggling and with the help of my families I Spend almost 3000 USD for my trip. I had to come up with that money within one month.
Miss Earth Pageant was fun all because of my Miss Earth Sisters, but what I went through before my departure made me depressed at the Miss Earth 2018 competition.

After the competition I still kept in touch with her.
Now She had all the Miss Earth Liberia 2019 activities And I wasn’t invited to none .
Two days before the Miss Earth Liberia coronation she sent me the Miss Earth flyer ( just the flyer ) and I send her question mark and she didn’t reply.

Now People would say “why can’t you resolve this with Wokie”? all I can say is if you know the person she is you won’t say that. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been so humble to Wokie, I respected her, I did everything she told me, But got none of that back.
Now that I’ve written everything I pray it doesn’t happen to our current Miss Earth Liberia.”

And so the entire day of April 21, 2019, the day after the Miss Earth Liberia 2019 pageant was completely turned into a day of drama and fries for the Liberian Entertainment Industry. WhatAWow!!!

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