MTN refers to the late Quincy B as Brand Ambassador, how does CIC take this?

MTN refers to the late Quincy B as their Brand Ambassador. Not late Brand Ambassador, not former Brand Ambassador, but [still] their Brand Ambassador.
It’s like a woman who refers to her late husband as ‘her husband’, even though she now has a new husband and she does that in the presence of her current husband. How would such a husband respond?
MTN has a current Brand Ambassador who happens to be CIC. However, they refer to the late Quincy B as their Brand Ambassador. We are here wondering how CIC is taking this.
“Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. Gone but not forgotten our Brand Ambassador Quincy B we miss you. 🙏🏽” – MTN LoneStar Cell.

The controversy between these two seems to resurface every year since Quinvy’s unfortunate demise in March 3, 2017. CIC was also involved the same accident. However, fans had a lot to say about who killed Quincy B, and many pointed accusing fingers to CIC. Not long after, CIC emerged victorious in the MTN Brand Ambassador’s hunt, and boom!!!! More controversies.

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