Nobody is stealing Beatwind’s outdated scratch card process – Elvis Juasemai of Tunes Liberia

In reponse to the boss of Beatwind, Lawrence, who said that Tunes Liberia stole his idea for the music sales, Elvis Juasemai reached out to this blog to disprove Lawrence Wongbah.

Elvis said that he is not bothered by all what Lawrence is saying because the fact that he can come out and say that Tunes Liberia stole his idea is very laughable. “If Lawrence is saying that he is the only young man in Liberia who can think pass everybody else in Liberia, then it is very funny.”

He said that he had this plan of starting a music sales platform long before anyone even knew the name Beatwind. He said that when Lawrence reached out to them to partner with him and the boss of Plus Liberia, they condemned his scratch card system method. Basically, they think it is an outdated method when it comes to music sales.  He and the boss of Plus Liberia, Dennis, discussed that the way Lawrence is going about it, with the scratch card, they don’t think it can work. That’s one of the major reasons why they turned down his plea for partnership.

The Tunes Liberia boss said that he did not see anything that Lawrence is doing with his site. He said, in fact, he wasn’t able to schedule a meeting with Lawrence. He only hurriedly sat with him one time, just because he didn’t want to be rude to him and tell him straight up that he cannot work with him on such an outdated procedure. Therefore, the meeting they had was so brief, he did not see any process Lawrence is accusing him of seeing. He said Lawrence didn’t show him anything.

Elvis asked, “so Lonestar brought Mobi vle Money, and Orange also came with the same Mobile Money…so Lonestar should sue Orange? He also asked, so Lonestar uses *143# for 3 days free calls and Orange is using the same code…so Lonestar should sue Orange? He then said that he does not know how coding is done. The people that did his coding for his upcoming music sales site do not even know Lawrence. If you ask them now if they know any Lawrence from Liberia who is the boss of, they will start laughing at you….lol. So where is he coming from saying that Tunes Liberia stole his code or his process of music sales. It is just not true.


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