Not every platform is a divine one…guard your anointing – Pst. Moses Swaray

International gospel musician, Pst. Moses Swaray, has taken to his official social media platform to admonish his fellow artists. He makes it clear that it is not every platform that an artist should be on. He furthers that not even every church a minister of music should be a part of, despite the fact that some may be paying lots of money. The “God Alone” hit maker and MOG of the GAVE Records label admonishes artists to guard their anoiting and their music and be careful who they attach themselves to.

Minister Moses Swaray who just recently released his first single for 2020, “You Reign”, featuring the Ghanaian hit artist, MOGMusic, is giving out some deep inspiration that artists should tap into. Though currently based in the United States of America, he will be traveling to Liberia this February to speak at the upcoming Purpose Summit.

Gospel Artists, understand that not every platform is a divine one. Even if the opportunity has been offered to you, it may not be for you. Not every event has your name on it and not every church is part of God’s plan for you. Just because they pay good money or the potential is huge doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s good for you.

In this season, be careful who you attach yourself to in ministry. Take every offer and every opportunity to the Lord in prayer. Hear a “yes” before moving forward. You don’t want to be associated with crooked booking agents, suspect promoters or cancelled events, events (with disappointed fans) that now have your name attached.

Guard your anointing and your music ministry (and your brand). God has assigned specific times, dates, people and places for you to share His Word in song. Ensure that your next appointment is on His calendar. Otherwise you may find God cancelling appointments for you. – Pst Moses Swaray

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