Pay local artists 10% of what you pay foreign artists who come in to perform, more – MULIB’s Policy to protect Liberian artists

The President of the Musicians Union Of Liberia, Sammy G. Gboguy has informed the public about policy put in place to help secure the well-being of Liberian umsicians when ofreign artist(s) are invited and being paid to perform on a show in country. He spoke Thursday During MICAT Press Briefing.

Mr. Gboguy said, all local artists performing on said show shall be paid 10% (Ten Percent) of what is paid or given to the foreign artist(s) and all the local artists shall be accorded the accommodation preference / treatment his / her counterpart shall receive.

He noted, in accordance with the Department Of Cultural Affairs, MICAT And Article 9 Of MULIB Constitution (Performing Related Issues) :

“The organiser(s) of musical events featuring foreign musician(s), artist(s) and Disc Jockeys (DJs) shall conform to the following:
1) Must obtain permit two weeks to performing date.
2) And foreign artist(s) and DJs shall apply for temporary membership.

MULIB Boss further acknowledged that registration For Artist(s), DJs, Managers, CEO(s), Composer(s), Producer(s), Arranger(s), Music Teacher(s), Copyists Of Sheet Music, Record labels, Recording Studio(s) And The General Public Is Now In Progress.

The Administration of the Union is also encouraging all musician(s) and stakeholders to get involve ibto Activities Of The Institution.

In closure, Pres. Gboguy said more work are being done at the Union, but will be made known to the public during MULIB Press Briefing after his uhndred days in office as President of MULIB.

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