President Frank makes appointments within the Liberia Movie Union; wants Theater College at University of Liberia

Shortly after taking over as President of the Liberia Movie Union ( LIMU ), Mr. Artus Frank hits the ground running. The LIMU big boss has made some appointments within the Union. Four persons have been appointed as Ambassadors of the LIMU living outside of Liberia. They are:

  1. Mr. Tarr D. Woryonmon (Ghana)
  2. Mr. Arthomitls S. Thomas (USA)
  3. Mr. Victor P. Hillman, (Nigeria)
  4. Mr. Sherman Belleh, (Australia)

Speaking of the newly appointed ambassadors, the President said, “As we move our way into a different era of filmmaking in Liberia, it is expected that our humble Ambassadors will respectfully discharge their duties on behalf of the embryonic Union and work in its best interest. I personally believe in them and I also believe that together we an do it. God bless the Liberia Movies Union and God bless Liberia.”

The President of the Liberia Movie Union has also voiced out an appeal for a Theater College at the University of Liberia on April 5, 2019, at the head office of the Liberia Movie Union on the capitol By-pass in Monrovia. Mr. Frank appealed to the Govenment of Liberia and said that, in the midst of high ranking officials, honorables, business people, actors and actresses stand out as professionals, therefore, they are to be given much attention by receiving the needed necessary trainings.

He pinpointed that if the industry is to grow to a higher height as compared to neighboring countries, then, “Liberians will have to prioritize their own Culture rather than imitating others.

Ensuring that artists and producers gain the best out of their works, Mr. Artus Frank spoke out that they are working hard in line with the Motion Pictures Division at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to stop illegal marketing when it comes to selling and distribution within and out of the Industry.

Reported by: Paul Paukpa

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