Scientific should return that award, misleading…fraudulent – CoZ lashes at LMA

CoZ has expressed that the Hiphop Artiste of the Year awards was given to the wrong person:

“Stating that A hip hop rapper is better than me at this moment in Liberia is blasphemy. No disrespect to Science but he hasn’t released any new material since 2017. LMA how is he best hip hop artist for 2019 if he has not dropped a song in 2 years. Fraudulent. LMA has lost the fan’s confidence and still continues to strive for integrity which it lacks. Kaifa KY Yamah I heard that Chris Wolo was head of the awards committee. Whoever was responsible for the selection of the winners didn’t do their due diligence and has blundered. Scientific needs to do what any honorable person would do and return that award.

As far as the event itself it was excellent. Organization, coordination, lighting, etc. At least there were great pics taken from the show. However the core reason why you spent resources on putting that spectacle together was to correctly make known to the public and the world who is the best in Liberian Music for 2019 and you mislead the people. Do better next year.” – CoZ

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