Skinnyboi Kpanto’s song hits UK Reuters News

In the midst of the missing container of billions of Liberian Dollars, artists immediately ran to the booth to make their voices heard. One of the artists that made a song to express how hurt Liberians are is the Liberian hipco artist Skinnyboi Kpanto. The news of the missing money came out on the 17th of September. By the 19th, barely two days, Skinnyboi Kpanto had already come out with a song titled “Bring Our Container Back” (Listen to the song here: )

Skinnyboi Kpanto

This song was very fast to spread throughout the country and before end of day, it was the most sung song in the nation. When Skinnyboi Kpanto made a visit to Red Light, one of the busiest commercial cities of Liberia, he could not walk freely as fans flocked around him, singing his song, “Bring Our Container Back

Fans sing “Bring Our Container Back

Two days later, September 21, 2018, the news of this song, Bring Our Container Back had reached the UK Reuters. It was described on UK Reuters as ‘a popular request on local radio‘. The song is indeed the most trending song right now in the Republic or Liberia. See screenshots of the news story from the UK Reuters news site.

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