Soulfresh splits up

Soulfresh is a household name for the duo comprising of JB and Shinning Man. However, lately, the pair has been seen doing things as individuals.

The beginning of 2019 saw JB Soulfresh of tthe duo Soulfresh rebranding and doing that so well. He calls it NEW ME The new JB was seen changing the name of his fans page from JB Soulfresh to J To The B. He then dropped a single, without his mate Shining Man, of course. The title of tthe single, which is trending now, is New Me.

Immediately following that, the other half of Soulfresh, Shinning Man, has announced that he too will be dropping a single pretty soon. He is alone on the track and he calls it SERGEANT.

Despite this, you would find the pair very cool with each other on social media as if nothing’s going down. So now, the 7 Star General and the Sergeant, who be who? Oh well…..showbiz, tho.

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